Good times with Frank!

In January 2014 I went away with some friends for a bit of Mummy R&R. One afternoon my friend Fran was treated to an impromptu (but much deserved) pampering session  by the others in our group. Fran had been pregnant and full of cold on the previous years break and as a result had missed out on lots of the fun. One friend did hair,  another make up, someone applied lovely new nail colours supplied by a forth person. In the meantime the hair stylist rushed off to get something other than the standard mum with a young baby uniform Fran to wear. The whole time there was copious amounts of chat and laughter.  Fran, gently chided the others for wasting their time nonetheless our friends continued proffering their loving and attention, it was beautiful to witness. As I watched this event evolve with fascination I felt a burning desire to contribute, but what was left to do, the initial offer to paint Frans nails had turned into a full on make over!

Once the big reveal was done I knew what I could do/attempt to do! I asked Fran to pose for me. I enjoyed the process of taking that picture capturing that experience so very much that it planted a little seed.  Like any seed it needed nurturing in April of that year along came 100 Happy Days! More about that later in the meantime here's the picture.  Good Times with Frank!